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You will become a valued VIP member of 1980 Recordings & a much loved person of Dan McKie. Here you will recieve free gifts, exclusive released tracks that will not be released to the general public, plus more 1980 Recordings & Dan McKie goodness. When you sign up you get 8 free back catalogue releases as a gift already and we plan to keep going this way. We normally release records every 2 weeks and that is usually 6-8 tracks per month. But we do do more from month to month including albums & compilations. You do the math's the yearly cost totally makes sense.

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1980 Recordings
Barcelona, Spain
1980 Recordings Is Ibiza, Barcelona & London Based Dan McKie’s Imprint. Established In 2007.

Our Label Releases Are Supported By The Likes Of Marco Carola [Music On], Monki [Radio 1], Rob Da Bank [Radio 1], Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin [Enter – Space Ibiza], Vanilla Ace And Many More.

This Label Releases Everything Disco, House & Techno Of All Kinds.

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